Covered Patio Design & Construction in Spokane & Coeur d'Alene

Would you like to spend more time outside, regardless of the weather? Do you ever crave a grilled steak in the dead of winter, but don’t want to shovel the patio just to reach the barbecue? Adding a pergola or covered pavilion will extend your outdoor living opportunity from seasonal to year round. You can even enjoy those rainy days outside curled up with a blanket next to your outdoor fireplace. Click here to get started with the process.

A pergola is an open framed structure generally meant to offer shade and protect you from the sun, while adding an architectural element to your patio or outdoor living space. Our designers will work with you to find out where the sun will be the hottest during the hours you will most likely be outside. They will then design the pergola to maximize the amount of shade it offers. We will also recommend and install roll up shades in those instances where the direct sun, at certain times of the day, penetrate under the roof line. We also specialize in sizing the beams, posts and joists to keep in scale with the size and height of your pergola and home.

The pavilion is our signature outdoor structure equipped with a closed roof, that not only offers shade, but keeps you dry during those early spring and fall thunderstorms we all like to watch. With the addition of a fireplace and natural gas heaters, your outdoor living experience extends virtually all year long, making it more convenient and comfortable to grill that steak in the middle of winter. Most of our pavilions come with electrical and outdoor light fixtures and can be wired for sound and outdoor theatres. Most of our customers are so enthralled with the pavilion experience, that they are reluctant to leave. Adding an outdoor kitchen provides one more reason to spend that coveted time in your pavilion. Outdoor structures don’t only extend your experience, they invite you to come outside and stay longer.

Legacy Landscapes has installed outdoor structures throughout Spokane, Coeur d’Alene, Moses Lake and the Pacific Northwest. Would you love a pavilion, but aren’t quite sure how to incorporate one into your outdoor living space or landscape? No problem. Contact us today, and we will schedule your no-cost Outdoor Living Consultation and Evaluation.

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