Testimonials From Our Coeur d'Alene & Spokane Landscape Clients

Client Testimonial

Dear Mr. Mathison,
Signing a contract for landscaping is a lot like taking up skydiving. You are excited, but scared too, looking forward to the leap but dreading it at the same time. And, like skydiving, once you start, it is pretty hard to change your mind. We had landscaped our previous home with another company, and I was prepared for a job like the last one - described kindly as "adequate."

Working with you and Legacy Landscapes, I had a vague idea in my head as to what the finished product was going to look like. I told you we had done the interior of the house in black, white and red and I would like to use those same colors outside if possible.

  1. You were willing to break down the cost of what was available so that we could chose what portions we could do with our financing now, and what portions could wait until later. You were clear as to costs and also were willing to offer us alternatives to our suggestions that could save us money.
  2. Your crew showed up every day, regardless of the weather, and they not only showed they knew what they were doing but that they were good at it.
  3. The rocks that were delivered were bigger than I had expected. The right scale to the finished outcome.
  4. You guys work FAST! The job was done in half the time I was expecting.
  5. Your crew was CLEAN. I didn't have to pick up discarded rubbish during the project.
  6. You used quality materials and not "adequate" materials. You buried the pipes for the sprinkler system by digging a trench and burying the lines BEFORE bringing in the topsoil for the lawn so we don't have to worry about nicking a line with the lawn edger when the lawn needs edging.
  7. I asked for stone steps from the back yard to the front yard - we got a staircase! It presents like something out of a storybook fairytale. It winds around trees and boulders, and would be perfect for the entrance for a bride to a wedding ceremony.
  8. I asked for a water feature, I got a centerpiece! We have a center large black granite boulder that bubbles, surrounded by large white boulders. I didn't expect a pond, but it has been a delight. The birds visit often, including an adult owl that likes to dive through it.
  9. I casually mentioned that I like watching birds, but we left our old bird bath when we moved. You gave us two boulders with concave surfaces that collect the sprinkler water and have become the perfect bird baths for a lot of feathery guests. To top it off, there is no maintenance and they will not be "sprinkled" in the winter. Animals can't tip them over, and they won't crack. Who would have thought?
  10. The lot is huge, the house is huge, and the driveway is long. You made the landscape look like we belong here and we simply built around the existing countryside. Everything in the yard is to scale and proportion, and does not look manmade, in spite of the fact that it was.
  11. The trees you brought in were beautiful and considerably bigger than I had expected. Again, they are to scale and proportion, and they look like they have always been right where they are. I was also pleasantly surprised when you replaced, without being told, one tree that didn't live through the planting process.
  12. We have more natural crushed basalt rock on our lot than anyone can imagine. Some of it was black, some brown and some was red with rust colors in it. It was leftover after the construction of the foundation for the house. I thought it would be nice to put down ground cloth and use that crushed basalt as cover. Instead, you moved all of that out and gave us uniform crushed basalt that now provides a clear, easy to walk on, wonderfully clean surface. When the basalt rock gets wet, we have a black and white surface that sparkles. Then you planted Japanese maples and flowering plums and I have a black, white and red landscape outside my window that is smashing!

You and your crew did a great job on the project and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to family and friends. You can expect that when we get around to processing the backyard, you will be back to do that job too. Thanks Kelly, for the excellent job and wonderful surprises! We got more than we expected at every turn.

Donna and Gary Smith

Client Testimonial

When we embarked on a large landscape project for our home, built in 1939, our main concerns centered around blending the old style and architecture of our home with new landscaping ideas. The project encompassed half of our backyard and half of our front yard, so it needed to blend in well with the landscaping we had previously completed on our own.

Hiring Legacy Landscapes made all the difference. Kelly and his crew, led by Kevin, took our ideas (ripped from magazines and drawn on notebook paper) and made them a reality. They matched pavers, fencing, evergreens, and plants. They added lighting, pergolas, a fire pit, built-in BBQ and sink, a dining area, and even a place to hide garbage cans.

Our yard blends together beautifully and has become a wonderful extension of living space for our family and friends who visit. We are pleased to recommend Legacy Landscapes to anyone looking to make the most of their landscape investment.

Greg & Loreen McFaul

Client Testimonial

We have totally planted and maintained our yard for 53 years but now we are in the senior season of our lives and needed a changed landscape to minimize maintenance. So we contacted a professional landscape company to draw up plans and to begin a transformation of our yard.

We were apprehensive and unsure about our decision to do such a very large project but we met with Kevin Rickard and he walked us through the entire project and reassured us time and time again that this big project would more than fulfill our expectations.

Kevin is a very friendly, as well as a very professional landscape manager. He is very creative and knowledgeable in all aspects of landscaping projects such as moving dirt and rock, building beautiful water features and amazing fire pits, installing pavers, creating beautiful planting areas, grading lawn areas, installing sprinkler systems, outdoor lighting etc. Kevin is a multi-functioning person and he is very good at keeping his crews motivated and hard working by taking the time to encourage and compliment good work. He was always willing to answer our questions and to give good advice on the project and possible changes that could be made.

It was a very good experience working with Kevin and his crew. They were friendly, pleasant, very professional and hard working. Always willing to listen to us and work in the changes we wanted. We enjoyed their weeks at our home very much and our expectations were beyond exceeded.

Andy and Beverly Schubert

Client Testimonial

We just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for our beautiful landscape. We are thrilled. Your team pulled through in every way for us, and we were impressed with the passion with which they worked. To do the type of meticulous work they did ,with such large equipment, -- in such a challenging space -- took a great deal of patience and tenacity, but they kept after our unusual lot characteristics, and turned it into our own personal park - and even better than we ever imagined! And, when we needed you in the worst winter weather, you arrived, dressed for the storm, and saved our water feature pump! (We are such amateurs!) Please accept our thanks and allow us to recommend Legacy Landscapes for the landscape of your dreams!

Best wishes for your continued success -
John Carden and Anne Kulinsky

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My wife and I decided to do some landscaping in our back yard. Our existing deck was exposed to the sun in the afternoons which made sitting on the deck very uncomfortable. The deck was also to small to do any entertaining. Our lot size is 2/3 of an acre, and we had an area in the back yard that was not utilized. We felt this area would be suitable for a large patio and open fire pit, but we had no idea how to go about getting ideas. We noticed Kelly and his crew working in the area at a neighbor's house where a beautiful water feature was being constructed. We made contact with Kevin and the crew and asked for help.

Kelly came out and made some excellent suggestions for building an outside fire pit and large patio area. Kelly drew up some plans and we were very impressed with the suggested layout. The design called for a large walkway and patio made of pavers and an open fire pit surrounded by large boulders and beautiful trees, shrubs, and accented with outdoor lighting. We gave Kelly the go ahead and we never looked back.

This was a large project, and I have never been so impressed with the professionalism and service that Kelly, Kevin, and all of his crew displayed as the project unfolded. As a small business owner I know and understand the value of customer service. Kelly and his crew met every expectation. The quality workmanship and attention to every detail is what defines Legacy Landscapes. No corners are cut, and Kelly stands behind all of his work. We were so pleased with the work that we had Kelly return to tear out our existing concrete driveway and install pavers to match the back yard. We look forward to years of enjoyment in our back yard, and we enjoy the beauty of the job more and more each day. I would not hesitate to recommend Kelly and his crew for any landscapiong project.

Bill & Marnie Kesgard

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Before we enter a busy summer, we wanted to thank you and your incredible team for proving that your motto - "Passion, Artistry and Skill" are your own legacy. From the time that we met and saw the plan you presented, absorbed how excited you were to present it, and then see it take shape in such a relatively short time was truly remarkable. Thanks to your Operations Manager, and your fantastic crew, our entire yard moved from an artist's pallet to a thing of beauty - colors and shapes everywhere.

The removal of retaining walls, trees and various cement work was accomplished without a hitch, and the renovations, front and back, were done so professionally, promptly and flexibly that Legacy exceeded our expectations.

Now we have an awesome place to entertain our family and friends, complete with a building we call our "tabernacle", a water feature, a fire pit, countless Basalt boulders, artfully placed within a montage of trees, shrubs and lights, accenting the paver stones that were so meticulously placed. Our friends, repeatedly, have said "what an awesome result", and we could not agree more!

Thank you again for enriching our property, and opening our eyes to the beauty of your creativity, and your team's workmanship. We feel truly blessed.

Best regards as you continue to beautify Spokane. With you all, success is a "given".

Karen and Kit Eckel - Mead, WA